Made my day!

Just called the representative of my next live-in care position. I won’t call it a job as it is more a way of life but I digress.

And I was greeted by. Ooh, I’m just reading one of your books.

Needless to say the next few sentences didn’t register. I was on playback…reading one of your books 😉

Not sure how long I have dreamed of someone saying that with spontaneity, as opposed to me asking/hinting/bribing people to comment on my ‘blood, sweat and tears’.

Back on planet earth we managed to discuss necessary details. I replaced the receiver.

I’m just reading…

Yep, still on repeat, in my head.

What is interesting is this. Everyone loves Betty. My best imaginary friend to date.

Life is for living.Just ask Betty

When I was at primary school I used to take my imaginary friend on the bus. They can’t touch you for it 😉

However, paying for ‘him’ was obviously crazy but worth the look on the bus conductor’s ( showing my age) face.

One and a half to Sutton please.

Got them every time. One conductor even looked under the seat.

When I am not writing, eating, reading or sleeping, I take my imaginary dog for a walk.

So much cleaner,quieter, cheaper than the real thing. Good job no one bothers with leads around here because that would look downright stupid.And I wouldn’t want that.

And to all those school teachers who said. Daydreaming won’t get you anywhere…

WRONG. So there.

My book is available on amazon and smashwords. Just type in my name. There is only one 🙂






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