SHELF LIFE :  EveryBody has one. Would you want to know yours?   

Read it, if you dare...

 Futuristic comedy docu-drama.  

 In 2053, Stevie Pinks, a medical research scientist is moonlighting for a cosmetics company when she discovers, deep in the dermis of a human forehead, a barcode. The barcode gives an expiry date and she soon discovers that every human has one…A barcode and an expiry date.     

 Fear of certainty. Fear of the unknown. You choose.     

Would you live your life differently...if you knew?
Expiry date.

My hearing is excellent. Sometimes I hear as far away as tomorrow. Helen Ducal 1953-2048.     




KHAMAILEON: A maternity suit and even DNA cannot help her.      

30o F in London. 30o C in Singapore. Tough choice…

Khamaileeon: From the ancient Greek. A crawling lion.

A person with inconstant behaviour, one able to quickly adjust to new circumstances.

A disillusioned 28 year old Georgina leaves an overcast London for an exotic new life in Singapore. She meets Malcolm, the son of a pharmaceutical billionaire. Georgina gives birth to their son in a private Bangkok clinic but awakens the next day in a Singapore hospital. And then the nightmare begins as she realises the extent of her entrapment and with growing disbelief she has the challenge of her life. To find a loophole in a seemingly perfect crime and prove that she is the mother of the son being proudly presented to the world by his father, adorning the front covers of all the glossy magazines.


Paternity suits are two a penny but maternity suits are rare.

This work of fiction was prompted by three very different women whose lives were devastated by varying degrees of manipulation and assumptions.

An English woman was released in 2003 having been wrongfully imprisoned for more than 3 years, falsely accused of the murder of her two sons. Sadly, she never fully recovered from the effects of this appalling miscarriage of justice.

An American woman, a proud mother who faced the most unusual of challenges, couldn’t prove her children were her own through a simple DNA test.. Finally, doctors told her she had a rare disorder, chimera. i.e. She is her own twin.

And  any woman who has been duped, primarily, into producing a son and heir or two.

2 Responses to “ScreenPlays”
  1. Dave says:

    Shelf life seems a great subject for a book, indeed a film. I can see it really doing well, good luck Helen.

  2. helenducal says:

    Khamaileon image taken by Richard Smith.

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