Ooh look my bus is waiting for me…

It was an early start. I nodded off on the train but still got off at the right stop. Changed platforms, had time for a coffee. Don’t suppose you do a soya cappuccino? You do! Fab. Here’s my loyalty card. What… a free coffee? Excellent. Think I’ll celebrate with a flapjack. No stopping this high-end living once I get going…

Smile knowingly as I pay £1.50 for shuttle bus to Luton Airport. It costs more if it is included in your train ticket. Of course you don’t get off the train at Luton airport, oh no, you alight at Luton airport parkway. Is this done to confuse foreigners and people who think logically??

My flight (ok there are others on it) leaves on time. There are the usual easyjetters.They deserve their own blog…Hmm

The young flight attendant does little to inspire confidence when she tries to cancel a passenger’s call button by switching the overhead light on and off and on and off…Let’s just hope she doesn’t get confused with doors….Nooooooooo that’s not the toilet…….Whoosh……..goodbye world………hello 39,000 feet ;-(

But I digress. I have an honours degree in digression.

We almost landed on time but our runway slot was suddenly changed. Yep, the pilot, sorry, captain bing-bonged to tell us. We will be touring the coastline for another 10-15 minutes before we can land. OK. Beautiful day, lovely view. Pity the half-wit sitting next to the window has his fist on his forehead, blocking the view. Funny how I imagine his fist somewhere else…pretty soon…

Well disciplined Brits queue up at the EU passports windows. I whizz through the non-EU window, that is actually open to everyone. It is one of those unwritten rules that you can only learn from experience. I love France 🙂

Not a lot of point digging out my bus timetable. I can only walk as fast as I can to the bus stop. When I get there I will either, just miss the bus or wait ages, normally.

Holy moly, I spy the number 94 bus at the bus stop. I walk faster than previously thought possible.

Thought this was a non smoking bus?!

The bus is stationary. I might just get it it….That was when I noticed everyone coughing and another (presumably) huge cloud of smoke billows from the rear end of the bus…

Ah well. Can’t win ’em all.




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