SAVE £38 on train tickets

The clue is the word ticketS. I need to travel between a small Midlands town and Stansted airport.

I book in advance online. Simples. Departure station and destination. At the time I need to travel the total comes to £69.

More than the cost of the flight I am taking to Nice, South of France.

So I try something else. Type in all connections separately. Bingo. Total £31. And all because I am buying tickets individually. All times, destinations the same.

The only slight hassle is,one ticket I buy on the day. Second is an eticket and third I have to collect at a machine.

So what, I’ll throw in a dance routine of Bring me Sunshine to save £38.

Let the train take the strain but watch out for your wallet!!

Oh and watch out for trains to Luton airport that include bus connection. One trip wanted to add £9 for the privilege. The bus takes 5 mins (max) and costs £1.50. Pay the driver. Book train to Luton Airport Parkway.

And if ‘we’ are confused how do visitors to the UK feel?





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