Now that I live in Tourrettes-sur-Loup I have decided this gives me carte blanche to write out loud.

Let me explain. When I have crazy thoughts/ideas, they are usually shelved in an area of my brain that is in hibernation until I am too old to care what people think. As this could be a while yet, I have decided to use my new abode as the perfect excuse of the occasional outburst.

For example as I was standing in the embarkation line at Gatwick, a woman walked past with a large shoulder bag. There was a tag dangling from the strap. It read: Fit to Fly. I thought. Hmm. Let’s push her off a cliff and see..:-)

A little later I was in the ladies. A pre flight pee. I like a window seat and I don’t like having to move, not to mention asking two others to get out of their seats. Anyway…Pretty sure the only other occupant of this particular convenience was in the cubicle next to mine I was very tempted to start making sounds of a ‘Meg Ryan’– I’ll have what she’s having–kind. Either that or pretend to be having a conversation on my mobile. Something along the lines of…No, no, I can’t. *giggle* someone might hear me!!

More soon.

By the way. I love living in f***in Tourrettes.





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