Aloe Vera– goodbye IBS!

I was hesitant at first to share this news with you. Firstly, I thought…bit embarrassing. Secondly I thought…it’s a fluke.

But after TWO DISCOMFORT FREE  weeks, I thought. Gotta tell the world. Hallelujah boys and girls. Normal service has been resumed. No more feeling like someone had a fist shoved up under my right ribcage. No more bloatedness, making me look 8 months pregnant by the end of the day. Yipee.

So now I have to buy up Tesco’s entire stock ( if necessary) of Aloe Vera drink. Find it in the World Foods aisle. It comes from Korea. Mind you, when I move into my new place, complete with south-facing garden…Yep. Aloe plants galore.

I first tried half of one of the small green bottles, first thing in the morning. I will leave the rest to your imagination. Suffice to say, half a bottle a day, helps me work, rest and play!!!

And yes, it tastes very pleasant. It is the complete (inner) plant, so the liquid appears to have jelly within it. But it is not yukky. Honest. I had previously tried Aloe juice (various makes) nope, nada, nothing. It must be ( for me and so far two other friends who tried it) the pulp that does the trick.

So, let’s raise our little green bottle and say, thank you mother nature and Aloe vera and good riddance IBS.

Years of discomfort...Gone!

One green bottle...give me more.

One Response to “Aloe Vera– goodbye IBS!”
  1. helenducal says:

    You may think aloe vera is aloe vera. I did too. I am now back in France, where there is a distinct lack of Tescos. Not usually something to complain about BUT I have bought a bottle (large,plastic) of aloe vera 97% drink. Now, it doesn’t have the same floaty bits (pulp) or the same nice taste but it is still the same plant, n’est pas?
    So why it no work? ( sorry, suddenly found Manuel’s voice)

    So, what’s in the Paldo version that is missing over here? The only thing I can see is lactase (not lactose) aka lactic acid. Hmm.

    Any ideas…anyone?
    AND, if you are flying to Nice in next few days ( with onboard luggage) will meet you at the airport!!

    Helen 🙂

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