When you look at this latest ‘must have’ item.

You obviously think to yourself. Oooh, wouldn’t that be great outside my front door.

Humour comes to Nice

This season's must have...

You do?? Am I getting old? ( no need for answers, thank you) or is it just that I am not a consumer, despite one taxi driver’s insistence that…all women love shopping. Well, not this one, matey.

It all began ( ok, I am a recovering shop-a-holic) when I was a mature student doing a degree. You try living on £4000 yr. First, I sold the car. Expected to be sad but honestly, I was relieved to have one less thing to worry about/spend money on. The next step was to go into Southampton  and West Quay shopping centre. In 2000-2003 it had a Waitrose and Waterstones. Bliss.  Waitrose delivered my shopping for £5, cheaper than a taxi (although I miss the banter)  and Waterstones, whose shelves kept firing my ambition. Let’s see. Fiction, travel, biography…where do I belong? Just make a nice space next G. Durrell, between Colette and Evanovich, et voila Ducal. Neat.

So those are the two shopping exceptions. All other shops, clothes, shoes, jewellery, involved a mantra. Here’s what you do. Stand outside the shop facing the display. Feet hip width apart ( not essential but sounds serious) and say after me: Do I like it? Yes. Do I want it? Yes. Do I need it? No. Simple. Maybe this mantra is more timely than I realised when I started to write this. Funny what finding a photograph that I took in the centre of Nice, South of France, last month, can trigger.

Luckily I am neither  desperate ( unless you count wanting to get back to the sun) nor a housewife, so I think I will pass on the fabulous doormat. Ha! desperate housewife= doormat. Maybe that’s the joke all along, and I only just got it? Blonde, moi?

You all have a Nice day now, you hear.



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