Unfortunate name?

There is more than one?

So, that's the plural...?

So, what’s in a name? I changed mine when I got divorced.
My married name never did sound right, somehow.
Go back to my maiden name? No fear. Reminded me of school.
Always in trouble. They used your surname, yes even girls, when you were in trouble. So no, didn’t want to go back to that.
It was easy (in UK) to do, in the 80’s. Deed poll. £25. Letters to bank etc…Formerly known as… Done.
So why would anyone stick with a name that I can’t repeat on here, for fear of being moderated?! Well?
Perhaps I should have knocked the door.
Any C…z living here? I won’t go on, sure you can think of loads of examples. 😉
One Response to “Unfortunate name?”
  1. John R West says:

    Helen, I remember back in the late eighties when I was working in the Building Products Industry in the UK I used to deal with a very ‘old school’ straight-laced architect called Richard Head, who certainly wasn’t up on the ‘lingo of the streets’. This poor man had taken to abbreviating his Christian name, without quite realising the implication .. ie he didn’t use Richard. It was a joy to ring him up and have him answer his phone .. ” Hello, Dick Head here”

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