My best friend, the bus

When I sold my car 10 years ago, everyone said I would miss it like crazy. Wrong. My first reaction, which even surprised me, was, one less thing to worry about. And the financial saving…never mind my carbon footprint all added to my feeling of; yep you were fun and convenient but now I can report a whole new advantage.

As I was standing waiting for my bus I gained two new friends, a job solution for one of their friends and an invite to stay in Paris. All this took place in just 10 minutes. Faster than Facebook?! And all because ‘strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.’ That and a simple enquiry about the timetable.

I arrived home, minus my shopping, as it was being delivered to my door… my fridge door. No more lugging bags from car boots or bus stops. Of course if I want to go somewhere remote I can. I hire a car, complete with insurance that covers even the tiniest scratch. Show me a French car without dents and scratches and I reckon it will be within 5 minutes of leaving the showroom.

Okay, sometimes you have to wait. The bus gets delayed with tourists, asking questions about destinations and not having the right change. But then you have time to, listen to the cicadas, smell the pine needles, watch a dozen cyclists swoop round the corner, like a swarm of friendly bees and before you know it, here’s your bus.

Oh and, the snippets of conversations overheard on the bus…excellent ideas for blogs, short stories, novels, screenplays.

This bus even got a prize. In English? I wonder who the judges were? What did it have to do? Handbrake turns, aqua planing ( ok, not down here!) keep passengers extra cool. What? Ideas/comments please.

What did it do, to win bus of the year?







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