Loving my laptop = posture hell

My best friend is a pain in the neck!

Sometimes we need reminding of the obvious.
It wasn’t until I was waiting for my treatment with the oesteopath, that the penny dropped.
I was diagnosed with reverse curvature of the spine, aka, Kyphosis, at the age of forty. I was in the UK and no help or treatment was offered.
Now, at fifty eight, my French GP has sent me for 20 sessions with the aforementioned.
Of course, twenty five years of hairdressing did exacerbate the problem but now I am BENT OVER my laptop, finishing my screenplay (watch out Cannes 2013) and I am in pain.
It was the receptionist at the clinic who reminded me of my folly.
Her keyboard was at waist level and the computer monitor was at eye level. Obvious! Her back was straight. NO curvature.
Solution? Buy an extra keyboard or monitor.
For the sake of your spine and the pain that will keep you awake at night…make these simple changes.
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