And in French?

At the moto weekend in Villeneuve-Loubet, yesterday. On the rear of a motorbike. Saw this and it made me laugh. It wasn’t until I was cropping the photo, I thought, hang on…it was a French registerd bike but then who would understand the French version? No doubt it would need the rear of a bus, as French seems to use 3 words for every 1 in English.

Tell me if you know different. In fact DO TELL ME. It would make a nice change to have this phrase handy when some guy decides I would like his company in a cafe. And probaly more effective than the ‘Please leave me alone’ that I currently use…

Did I say currently? Hmmm. Maybe I have finally learned not to make eye contact with EVERYONE. Although it has provided some great story material, in the past…




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