Penny for the Guy…

Penny for the Guy.

£1 for a bunch of lucky heather.

£1.71 for ALL EXPENSES PAID (Fact meets Fiction) 
Kindle ebook on Amazon.

£2.00 for The Big Issue.


Martian One:  You say it’s old clothes stuffed with straw and then humans set light to it?

Martian Two:  Yep.

Martian  One:  And people buy heather when there is
acres of the stuff available for free?

Martian Two:  * Nods*

Martian One:  But reading ALL EXPENSES PAID was like taking a holiday? It felt like a tonic?

Martian Two:  I’m still chuckling and I read it ages ago.

Martian One:  And it’s cheaper than The Big Issue? The magazine sold by the homeless in the UK.

Martian Two:  True, but they’re both excellent value. And if you buy  ALL EXPENSES PAID you could win a day in NICE.

(  Only)

Martian One:  Funny price though…£1.71.

Martian Two:  Something to do with Americans and VAT.

Martian One:  Tell me, what are Americans?



A good cause?



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