Lousy spy

If there is one thing I am certain of…I would be a lousy spy.

I can always remember what I say but hardly ever, who I said it to. Dangerous.

So, if you have had an update on my trip to the London Book Fair (yawn…ages ago) then go and read something else 😉

For the rest of you, this is what happened when I read details of the publishing contract with the sandwich eating publisher.

For a while I focused on…30% royalties…nice shiny hardback book…TV appearances…and tonight’s guest...I’ll see you after my book tour…bla bla.

Then I did the maths. And the bubble, didn’t pop so much and as gently deflated.

To get that magic 30% I had to pay up front, squillions of £s, with no guarantee of ever getting my money back. Duh.

I have been self employed most of my life. Hello, I used to lend my Enid Blyton collection to friends for a small fee AND charge them extra if the books came back late. Go girl. Makes me smile to see the piece of card glued inside the front cover of Five go…something or other. I even invested in a proper date stamp. Purple ink.

So. Publishers, agents? I think not.

Kindle Direct Publishing. Way to go.

Control freak. Moi? You betcha.

Watch this space. ALL EXPENSES PAID, coming to a Kindle or PC, near you, soon.

Oh yes. Betty says. Don’t forget the competition.

Win: Lunch with ‘Laura’ in Nice

Details will be available on Amazon, next week.

A bientot.

One Response to “Lousy spy”
  1. John Booth says:

    Good plan, Helen

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