Never travel without…

Black bin bags and blu-tack. Seriously folks, it works!

I was recently working and living in a house that had thin curtains up at the bedroom windows AND a flipping street light right outside, that stayed on all night. Grrrrrrrr.

After five nights of hardly any sleep, I started my search. This wasn’t a house with spare curtains or material floating about, so it was time to improvise.

I wasn’t convinced but it worked. I blu-tacked black bin bags up at the windows. Then closed the curtains. Bliss quickly followed panic once I realised I hadn’t gone blind…

My stay was temporary and my alterations had to be removed without trace. Success.

However, when Skyping my friend, I showed him what I had done. He said it looked like Halloween!

He also promised that should I drop down dead whilst I was there, he would confirm that I was indeed working for MI6.


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