3 small or 2 large

In this strange land called England, we have things called milk deliveries. Usually a milkMAN ( as far as I am aware) who delivers your daily dose of cow juice to your door, or window sill, in this case, in the wee small hours.

However, when we had more than our fair share of snow recently, I wondered if we would get any? But being of  a positive mindset and encouraged by the owner of the house who said. He has never failed me in the fifty years I have lived here, I duly put out the empties. 3 pints please, my cheerful note said. ( I drew a smiley face)

Wishful thinking!

The next morning I drew back the kitchen curtains.
Still 3 empty milk bottles but just round the corner, in front of the garage stood…

Got to admire the head on that...


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