Arse about face

No coat for winter

Stripped to within an inch of its life...

In case this expression does not translate world-wide or even outside the middle of England. I mean when something is back to front.

A wonderfully warm day here, 28 degrees but I couldn’t help but feel a slight shiver when I surveyed the tree outside my back door. Stripped within an inch of its life!

Funny how, us humans and dogs, don our winter coats, come this time of year and cats stay the same…unless I am mistaken?

But the bare trees have to be brave. What a choice. Stand alone and cold or get chopped down to be thrown on a fire, or to make books.

Did I mention, I love trees. Hmm.. Trees for shade and beauty, trees for roaring log fires and trees for my favourite book. If I’m ever on a desert island, I hope it has trees


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