Bondi Sculpture

Big Chief Bondi?

Nature's sculpture.

I woke up this morning to another beautiful autumnal day in the South of France and I immediately thought: Ah, Maggie Alderson, a favourite author, is tweeting from Sydney about sculptures; but has she seen the ones provided by nature??

I took this photo four years ago, when I was walking around the headland from Bondi beach, just before sunset. I was heading towards Coogee ( I think) but I didn’t get far, as every turn provided a photo opportunity.

Looks like Big Chief erm…Bondi, to me, with a hooked nose and high cheekbones. The weather along this coastal path has created some wonderful sculptures. There seems to be a new story unfolding at every turn.

Not been to Sydney? Thought Bondi was over rated? Think again. If you’ve got a bucket list, add this destination, before it is too late. I wonder if this ‘face’ has changed over the last four years. There has been some pretty stormy weather. I hope ‘he’ is still there. He looks rather stern but I like him.


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