Why Fronts?!

Topless, sure. But...
Hot work…

As the bus cannot get past these roadworks( to lay new water pipes,) I am forced to walk. As I do, I notice things. Makes life interesting, n’est pas?

So, what have we here? (I say, in my best Poirot voice…you’d think I’d choose Miss Marple…)
Someone dropped their hat…cap…tiny tee-shirt?
Now, it has been a wonderfully balmy day and I dare say some workmen would have been topless and this is the South of France where Sex and the City gets a 10yr old viewing rating on TV and we have nakedness in shower gel ads BUT…
Pity I didn’t come past sooner.
The black object to the right of the picture? Y Fronts.
Phew. Must be hot work, laying them water pipes…

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