Desperate Milk Wood. Hommage.

Desperate Milk Wood.

by Helen Ducal on Sunday, 17 October 2010 at 23:38

As dawn is breaking, all is quiet in Hysteria Lane. Bree’s feud with Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard has been settled as Dai  staggers home, brandishing the trophy for ‘Best short name in media history’.  Ocky Milkman screeches to a halt as the paperboy misses his aim…again.

The twins as well as having red hair, have to put up with ridiculous names; Preston and Porter. You just can’t credit it, can you? says Mrs Willy Nilly. The postman whistles, attracting all the dogs in the neighbourhood. Fortunately he knows them all, as he stuffs various envelopes into their mouths. Damn sight more useful than catching sticks, thinks Gabby.

Dylan smiles as he sees himself in the mirror…reincarnated as Marc…



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