7 week ordeal…

Fast fwd 27th Oct.



7 week ordeal

Media gather as Helen Ducal’s plane lands at Nice airport. She emerges, head down. Health and safety officials (LOL) rush forwards with sunglasses, fresh oranges and Vitamin D supplements. She looks remarkably unscathed by her ordeal…7 weeks in the UK!!

She has a strange accent and her hair is shorter but her smile returns as she sheds 3 cardigans.Helen wipes away a tear as she tells Nice Matin reporters: I always had hope….

See left : Back to normality in La Colle-sur-Loup. L’Auberge Provencal.

p.s. This IS tongue in cheek. I would not survive 7 hours down a mine.  So no need for anyone to over react. ok?


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