United Nations Lunch

And a Swedish waitress

12.30pm and it is lunch time. So far, it is just me and a French couple to my right. The beauty of dining alone is that you can be a voyeur of the legal kind. The peace is soon shattered by the arrival of four German ladies and one baby. Quickly followed by an Irish family of ten. Six adults and four children. Or was it the other way round? Another couple appeared and were seated to my left. Turns out there were Danish. I had to ask the Swedish waitress.

Finally two couples and a toddler take the last table. Seem like Ma, Pa, and Grandparents. Pa sounds American but I soon discover he was born in Switzerland. Ma, almost American ( been with Pa too long) but no, she is a Brit as is Grandma, who I suspect hates the term. Grandpa, I now realise, never said a word, the entire meal. Every time he was included in the conversation he only managed to nod before he lost his chance.

The toddler and I had great fun making faces at the grown ups, when no-one else was watching. And they say having kids keeps you young. Perhaps I just never grew up.

So make that: Six tables, seven nationalities. Eight counting the waitress. I wonder who left a tip?


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