Prickly post

We woz 'ere

Okay, so I used to chalk on the benches at Brownies which was caused by boredom, so not my fault. Now I have recently learned what the set of compasses, given to us in Maths class was for. One side holds a pencil, the other, wonderfully sharp pointy side…keeps it steady. Boring! What a waste. I wonder whatever happened to those desk lids with the creative carvings. I *heart* The Walker Brothers. And Helen woz  ‘ere. 

So during my sojourn to Tourrettes-sur-Loup I was fascinated to see that someone had chosen a prickly succulent to note their undying love.
How did they hold it? Did they bring special gloves? What implement was used to carve out the letters RAI? Will the cacti heal over? Is it scarred for life? I think the latter is most likely. Sure it is the same graffiti that I saw last year.Will someone come back and cross it out? The way my desk lid had boy’s names scored through.
Funny how much harder it was to cross them out than writing them in the first place. Got to be a moral in there somewhere…

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