OMG It really works. Thank you Emu.

I was about to have a cortisone injection in my spine for trapped nerves in my neck. But my subconscious kept nagging at me. Options…there has to be other options? Read articles on the subject. Nah. Still undecided. Then last night I found a jar of Blue Ease Cream. It contains Emu oil. I had forgotten all about it. I had used it on my knee once and been impressed.

So I applied a little to the back of my neck. This where the OMG bit comes in. It was like cracking walnuts. Only I wasn’t moving! The pain that I have been suffering for over 2 months, subsided…just like that. And now 14 hrs later? Aches but no pains. Yay!

Thank you Emu  and the vast knowledge that the aborginals share with us.  You have made my day.

One Response to “OMG It really works. Thank you Emu.”
  1. helenducal says:

    Not suitable for vegetarians? Discuss.

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