Who makes crackers to go with these cheeses?

Ah. Tourrettes-sur-Loup on market day and all is well with the world.

Well, my world, anyway.

OK maybe this belongs in Bonkers Blonde moments but couldn’t help thinking.¬†Wow, you would need a hell of a cracker to go with these cheeses.

And the best bit is that you get to try before you buy. C’est normal ici.

Chevre. Brebis. Perfect, if like me, you are lactose intolerant. Goat’s and sheep’s milk is much more digestible. Not to mention tasty.

Time for lunch here. Switch off the traffic lights. Seriously. In some places they do. No one moves about between 12.30 and 14.00.

Very civilized.

One Response to “Crackers”
  1. Dave says:

    Having seen my 8 year old daughter stung by a wasp while in France, the staff at a local climbing centre were quick to help and administer some anti-sting cream. Done with a smile, it made me wonder if staff in the UK would be allowed to do the same.

    Not a cheese story, but your tale of switching off at lunchtime points to a different set of values, ones we are slowly forgetting in our path to a true ‘sue/blame everyone’ culture.

    And, of course, we’d be crackers to go any further down that route…..

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