Bonkers Blonde Moments

It has to be said that I am not an advocate of stereotyping. But I do love blonde jokes, especially when I have created them myself. Was watching a serious book  trailer and my mind was obviously wondering ( don’t do serious, very often) when I saw someone raise a cup to their lips. Wow, I thought, that’s just like the one…Uh-oh. The power of – fade to black…

Reminds me, when doing media  writing degree, one lecturer said (probably quoting someone else…I await instruction) The only time you will see the truth on TV is when it is switched off.

And that reminds me (this may go on FOREVER…I may be found dead at my key board…) In the meantime.

Yesterday on the bus into Nice, the 400, if you want to know, a very attractive young lady was using her iphone to apply her mascara. No, that came out wrong. I mean she was using a mascara brush AND her iphone as a mirror. Wow. Mutli-tasking in the 21c. Does reflection count as an app??

Bonkers Blonde Moments


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