Kiss and Fly makes me want to cry…

Kiss and Fly.


 Helen Ducal.

It is not a vague notion, something said in passing. It is there in solid metal, an official sign at Nice Cote D’Azur airport. Kiss and Fly. Prominent on the gantry as you enter the short stay car park.

In UK airports, this area is designated thus:  Drop off zone ONLY. 10 minutes maximum waiting time. Fixed penalty will be incurred after this time. Bla, bla, bla,…Or more recently at Birmingham airport. £1 minimum.

This for me, says it all.

There are a myriad of differences between Blighty and La belle France and here, it is loud and clear.

The French choose, mhaw,mhaw, byeeeee. Or kiss, kiss, off you go!

Whereas the Brits prefer to shout threats!

In my experience over the last seven years of living in France, this is the difference between the old cliché of the glass being half full or half empty. When I see this sign it makes me want to cry. In a bad way at departures and in a good way at arrivals.

Photograph used with kind permission of Stepehen Bures (photographer extraordinaire…my words not his!)

One Response to “Kiss and Fly makes me want to cry…”
  1. helenducal says:

    Mhaw…should be Mwah? You know that air kissing thing that the French have been doing cheek to cheek for eons…

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