Alone and the C word

Why are we so afraid of being alone? And the C word.

When a friend said she was literally terrified of being left alone (her reason for staying in a crap marriage) I think she meant it. However much I wanted to believe her I still could not understand why?
Do we think that left alone we will turn into Jack the Ripper and chase ourselves all over town finally pinning ourselves to a grimy wall down some dark alley?
Being left alone with a known axe murderer I can understand, but alone, alone?
Okay so I choose to live alone and the benefits for me are huge.
Now I am terrified of being stuck with someone, hanging around like some murky shadow. The sort you hear or sense even when you cannot see them; very unsettling.
For me there is only one exception to this rule and that is true love. The type where you really do want the shadow to be lurking, on call, so to speak.
So now, you just show me true love and I will show you a British summer with consistent weather…Ha!
Sorry to be so cynical, but every time I think I have found it, for myself or observed it in others, along comes a long bank holiday weekend and buggers it all up…disagreements (put politely) about the agenda for the four days, hours spent deciding, then the ‘bully’ gloating and the ‘other’ sulking. They can be spotted at all major traffic jams, railway stations, airports, etc.
Now I am told this is where compromise comes in. This jostles nicely for top position in my Do Not Do list with mediocrity….Agh.
But apart from that word how come so many scary words in English begin with C?
For example.Commitment, cancer, crotchet, cat-flap, cocaine, calorie, canasta, capital gains tax, car boot sale, cardigan, casting couch, castor oil, catarrh, castrate, celibate, cesspool, chain letter, chauvinism, cheerio, childproof, chintz, circular saw, clap, cleavage (for some), clinical death (as opposed to?) clever Dick, clock radio, (free gift…yuk), cock fight, coitus interruptus, cold sore, collateral ( those without any), colossal (rarely used), columnist (some of us are still waiting ), committee, compliant, (shudder), condensed milk, congeal, consolation prize, consumer, conundrum, corrective fluid, country and western, curling tongs, cystitis, cogwheel, which brings me back to my top four, Christmas, co-dependency, cohabit, coexist…

Count me out!

2 Responses to “Alone and the C word”
  1. helenducal says:

    If you are lonely when you are alone. You are in bad company.
    Jean-Paul Sartre.

  2. Marion says:

    Well, that title certainly got my attention!
    Being alone is not the worst thing in the world. Being with the wrong person is hell. Having said that, I found the right person and married for the first time in my 40’s. My better half and I had actually been friends for years before we took a chance on romance with each other. I feel blessed every day for the connection. Maybe “true love” is found where you’re not expecting it, and isn’t what you’d actually expected at all.

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